Sticky Fingers Review

IMPORTANT!!!! I just ate the most amazing cupcake ever! Sticky Finger’s DC is the bomb. Seriously eat there. The entire store is vegan, so it’s all dairy-free. I got a red velvet cupcake and a cup of coffee. I cannot even begin to describe how great it was. It was a cute little shop with great decor and a quiet atmosphere. I strongly advise anyone to go there, DF or not!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Really. Go. I’m serious. xx


Calling All Midnight Snackers!

Hey everyone! For every student who is cramming 24/7 and has eaten all their snacks, the vending machine tends to be the best answer. Here’s a few snacks that are DF and are the perfect midnight snack! Usually when I’m stuck at the vending machine late at night I stick to the classics… Potato chips, pretzels, crackers, nuts, unfrosted pop tarts, and fruit snacks. These foods might not be very healthy, but in times of stress and serious hunger, they fulfill a serious need for snacking.IMG_0050.JPG

Until next time… xx


It might be cold, but it’s always a good time for ice cream! This past week I tested out Coconut Bliss’s Vanilla Island ice cream! It was a hit! This definitely makes me feel better about going DF, because ice cream is sadly one of the many things I’ve felt left out of. Even though I don’t see myself carrying around a pint of ice cream, I will keep this stocked in my fridge for movie marathons and study breaks. I also really want to try more flavors! They have salted caramel as well as other ice cream treats!

Stay warm!



Vegan Pizza Taste Test

I ventured out to try dairy-free pizza today, and it surprisingly wasn’t that bad! I went to Busboys and Poets, and got the “Vegan Pizza”, covered in veggies and daiya cheese (cheese substitute), this pizza definitely did not compare to regular pizza, but was good in its’ own right. While I don’t know if I’ll eat vegan pizza again, I definitely do not regret eating it. After all, Busboys and Poets has a large array of vegan meals, so I’ll definitely go back!

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Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Secret Snack Ideas!

Hey snackers! If you couldn’t tell by now, snacking is a personal skill of mine. I could eat all day long if I could. Here’s some foods that are secretly dairy-free, for those of you who didn’t know! Oreos- A great cookie, perfect for dipping (in soy milk!) and for peanut butter, this snack has no dairy, even though it’s delicious!

Jell-O Pudding Mix- For anyone who likes to bake, Your kitchen cabinets at home might be stocked to the brim in Jell-O, so grab a mix and make “Cup-O-Dirt” with your oreos!

Ritz Crackers-Don’t be fooled by the butter flavoring, there is actually no dairy in this product. Eat it literally with anything, and after 20 minutes, you will finish the entire box. And it’s okay, because it’s only crackers, right?

Dark Chocolate- You have to be careful with this one, some dark chocolates DO use milk… but many do not! So keep an eye out, because sometimes a girl just needs some chocolate!

Happy snack hunting! xx

Hälsa Review

Happy December everybody!

Today I went to Hälsa and got a fabulous meal. Here’s a picture!


I got a chicken breast as my protein, quinoa and a stuffed avocado as my side and mixed greens. Definitely check this place out, it’s a great quick fix for when you just want a bite to eat, and their menu is easy to navigate between DF and GF (gluten-free) items. Also the servings are pretty big too so be prepared to go into a serious food coma after.

Keep noshin’! xx

How to go Dairy-Free

Going Dairy-Free is a complete lifestyle change, and it can be scary at first. While it starts off as more of a chore, eventually it will become second nature! So here’s some tips on getting started:

Ease into it: Start one food type at a time. I started first with breakfast foods and drinks, not getting milk in my coffee, skipping cheese omelettes, and now I can pretty much go into any food scenario without even questioning what I can eat.

Educate yourself: Before I first went dairy-free, I spent months researching what foods I could eat, Different ways dairy is in food products, vitamins and deficiencies… All these facts helped me become a better, smarter eater!

Cheat a little: While this might not sound the best, it’s okay to have a piece of chocolate here or there in the beginning. Make a list of something you can’t live without, and keep eating it as you normally would while you wean off of your dairy-diet. Eventually, you’ll be able to stop eating your cheat food when the routine becomes normal.

Find a friend: It’s not too hard to find someone who is following a vegan or vegetarian diet nowadays. Find a friend and see how they put up with eliminating certain food groups while staying healthy and happy!
Best of luck! xx