My Current Diet

My current diet is pretty planned out. I love to eat, but it’s pretty likely that you can find me at my university’s student restaurant for large periods of the day. My mornings are a bit stressed, but I always try and eat some kind of a breakfast. After my classes wrap up around noon, I head straight to the student restaurant, where I fill up my plate for a long lunch. After working out and doing homework, I then go back for dinner… where I stick to the same meal almost every time.

Before class I will usually start my day off with oatmeal, some fruit, water and a cup of coffee. Sometimes I have toast with peanut butter or jelly. It’s a great replacement for a bagel with cream cheese!

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A quick breakfast usually keeps me focused until lunch, where I’ll veg out at the sandwich station. My order is a wrap with pesto, turkey, lettuce and tomato! That’s not all, I ALWAYS get a piece of peanut butter toast and bananas afterwards.

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I don’t usually have the time for snack in the afternoon, but if I’m laying down I’ll usually treat myself to cashews or almonds.

Dinnertime rolls around and I always make myself a huge salad. With mixed greens, cucumbers, olives, tomatoes, broccoli, beets, carrots, seeds, chickpeas, and balsamic vinaigrette, that is just a starter! To add some protein, I get grilled chicken on the side, and my dessert is usually some weird sweet I have hanging out in my dorm.

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Finally, I stick to tea and coffee all day long. My orders vary from black to added soy milk, but you can guarantee that as long as I am conscious, I have a hot cup of something in my hand.

FYI- Second dinner is a thing, I eat a GIANT bowl of cereal with silk every day around 9:30 🙂

I’ll be posting more about my diet as I blog!



Why I went dairy-free

Why would anyone ditch pizza? I asked myself that same agonizing question 7 months ago when I began my journey as Dairy-Free. That was the turning point of my year, when I started out looking at elimination diets to better my complexion. My senior year of high school I broke out with severe and painful acne. Over and over, I read that going Dairy-Free would almost completely clear up my skin, as well as boost my energy. I was sold. Not only could this be my cure-all, but also relief from exhaustion and stomach pain! Would this be the quick fix I was looking for? So I researched, until I knew exactly how to balance my diet. At first Dairy-Free living was hard, but nowadays it’s the difference between soy milk and cream in my coffee. I started this journey off to test out a popular fad… and I don’t regret a thing. Going dairy-free has changed my life for the better. I began my dieting to test out a crazy fad, but now I equate my diet to my overall health. So who needs pizza anyways? Checkout these awesome links from DF blogs with great recipes and tips!