Why I went dairy-free

Why would anyone ditch pizza? I asked myself that same agonizing question 7 months ago when I began my journey as Dairy-Free. That was the turning point of my year, when I started out looking at elimination diets to better my complexion. My senior year of high school I broke out with severe and painful acne. Over and over, I read that going Dairy-Free would almost completely clear up my skin, as well as boost my energy. I was sold. Not only could this be my cure-all, but also relief from exhaustion and stomach pain! Would this be the quick fix I was looking for? So I researched, until I knew exactly how to balance my diet. At first Dairy-Free living was hard, but nowadays it’s the difference between soy milk and cream in my coffee. I started this journey off to test out a popular fad… and I don’t regret a thing. Going dairy-free has changed my life for the better. I began my dieting to test out a crazy fad, but now I equate my diet to my overall health. So who needs pizza anyways? Checkout these awesome links from DF blogs with great recipes and tips!





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