A Starving Student’s Dinner on a Meal Plan: Tips on Making the Most Out of Your Dinner

Dinner in college is kind of anything goes. Your mom isn’t there to tell you what to eat, so dinner could mean cereal and pizza to one person, and pasta and late night takeout to the next. My dinner is pretty much the same every night… so here it goes!

Grilled Chicken: My school offers a grill, so every night I get two small pieces of chicken, to either cut up in a salad or eat plain. Since my diet doesn’t involve a lot of protein, it’s important that I eat it at dinner

Salad: The staple of almost all of my meals, I make the most colorful salad possible at the salad bar. It’s my #1 fave, and I definitely would have starved by now if it weren’t for  the option of making my own salad everyday.

Silk Milk: Since I don’t drink dairy milk, my cafeteria post dinner go to is always a glass of milk. After pairing most of my meals with water, it’s refreshing and filling to mix it up at the end of my day.

Fruit: After dinner I’ll usually grab an apple or an orange to calm down my sweet tooth. Whether I eat it immediately after dinner or I wait until I need a study break, an apple is a great, healthy way to curb your midnight munchies!

Here’s some more helpful tips!




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