Calcium Rich Foods

Milk builds strong bones, right? Well, you’re not stuck when you’re dairy-free! Here’s 5 foods that are high in calcium! Incorporate these into your diet and you’ll feel great!

Broccoli: One of my all-time faves, this veggie has 47 mg of calcium in a 100g serving!

Almonds: A quick snack for class or along with a sandwich, almonds are a great way to get calcium. With 264 mg in a 100g serving, these nuts will keep you on your A game!

Oranges: One whole orange has about 55 mg of calcium! This is a great deal for the fruit-lovers! Grab an orange before your study session to re-energize and get that calcium!

Spinach: In a 100g serving, spinach has about 99 mg of calcium! Pretty cool right? Pack this into your salad for dinner!

Tofu: Personally, I love tofu, and I’m always willing to turn skeptics into believers… A ½ cup of raw tofu processed with calcium has about 435 mg of calcium! Cook and pair it, and see the magic of tofu for yourself!

The daily recommended dose of calcium for people ages 19-30 is 1,000 mg a day… Are you getting enough calcium?

I’m crediting these sites with my information!


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