Health Benefits of Going Dairy Free! Talk vs. Truth

The Dairy-Free movement is definitely gaining momentum, whether it be from all the health benefits, or simply because it’s a fad. I’m going to take sometime to compare some of the health benefits of going DF, and if I have experienced them.

Reduced Bloating: 100%! I really struggled with bloating in the past, and once I went DF, my body felt normal again. I did not feel weighed down in any way, and my stomach is much flatter because of it.

Heightened Sense of Smell: To be honest, I’ve always had a terrible nose. But, recently, I have noticed scents that I usually wouldn’t be able to pick up. Also, I can smell more than many of my friends!

Clear Skin: I have noticed an extreme improvement in my skin. While I still have occasional breakouts, I am no longer plagued with chronic acne marks.

More Energy: I feel great! In the beginning of my DF journey, I remember waking up two weeks in, and for the first time, I was able to hop right out of bed, with a new found sense of alertness! I no longer crash in the middle of the day, and I can fall asleep at regulated times at night!

Weight Loss: This one is tricky. I have not lost any weight since going dairy-free, and I definitely don’t think it’s effective or healthy to lose weight through elimination dieting.

Going DF has definitely changed my life for the better! Comment below with some of the benefits you found from going DF.

Check it out for yourself!


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