Lunchtime Guide

The clouds open and the heavens rejoice, it’s lunchtime. One of my favorite meals of the day always has me filling up my plate. Here’s a few quick lunch ideas

A wrap: Get it with turkey! Get it with lettuce and tomato! Get it pressed! Get it any way you want it! Make it by yourself or go out! This lunch is versatile and since we have a sandwich bar at my university, I’m always eating one! P.S. if you have the choice, get the pickle on the side.

Salad bar: An ultimate lunchtime classic. Fill up you bowl with every fruit, veggie and green that you can imagine. Pile it on and shake it up with your fave dressing and you’re off! (Balsamic, anyone?)

PB&J sandwich: I have a lab once a week that cuts into my lunch hour, so usually I cut the lines by toasting multi-grain bread, and making a PB&J. I’ll throw it into my to-go box with an apple and carrots and I’m ready to veg out all lab!

Check these links out!

Veggies and Hummus: Meal’s are tricky for any snacker… So get some carrots, cucumbers, and broccoli on a plate with some hummus! It’s the perfect snack to eat at lunch while all your friends are piling on the plates!


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