So You Slept Through Your Alarm… Now What?

Your alarm goes off, you turn it off and roll over… Next thing you know it’s 7:35 am and you have an 8 am! You jump out of bed and run around getting ready. It’s 7:45 and if you’re at a small school like me, you’re at the student restaurant. So what do you eat if you’re in a hurry? Here’s a couple quick breakfasts that you can either make in your dorm or eat in 5 minutes or less!

Oatmeal: A great quick dorm food or a quick breakfast at your cafeteria. It fills me up every morning! An extra bonus for anyone that add’s cinnamon, brown sugar raisins or dried cranberries and nuts into their bowl!

Grapefruit: The perfect sour/sweet wake up! The distinct taste will wake you up and give you a citrus punch! It’s great for you, and with a pinch of sugar it’s the perfect breakfast food. Cut it up and it’s the perfect breakfast for your busy day!

Banana: Whether you get it plain, or maybe with some toast and peanut butter, this breakfast is the best for any on the go learners who need a pick me up in between lectures! If you want to make breakfast at your dorm, cut up some bananas and sprinkle some chia seeds on for a stomach-filling power breakfast!

There you have it! Next time you oversleep don’t fret! Grab a quick breakfast and rule the day like the champion you are!

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset
Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

Important for any grapefruit novices!


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