How to go Dairy-Free

Going Dairy-Free is a complete lifestyle change, and it can be scary at first. While it starts off as more of a chore, eventually it will become second nature! So here’s some tips on getting started:

Ease into it: Start one food type at a time. I started first with breakfast foods and drinks, not getting milk in my coffee, skipping cheese omelettes, and now I can pretty much go into any food scenario without even questioning what I can eat.

Educate yourself: Before I first went dairy-free, I spent months researching what foods I could eat, Different ways dairy is in food products, vitamins and deficiencies… All these facts helped me become a better, smarter eater!

Cheat a little: While this might not sound the best, it’s okay to have a piece of chocolate here or there in the beginning. Make a list of something you can’t live without, and keep eating it as you normally would while you wean off of your dairy-diet. Eventually, you’ll be able to stop eating your cheat food when the routine becomes normal.

Find a friend: It’s not too hard to find someone who is following a vegan or vegetarian diet nowadays. Find a friend and see how they put up with eliminating certain food groups while staying healthy and happy!
Best of luck! xx


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