Secret Snack Ideas!

Hey snackers! If you couldn’t tell by now, snacking is a personal skill of mine. I could eat all day long if I could. Here’s some foods that are secretly dairy-free, for those of you who didn’t know! Oreos- A great cookie, perfect for dipping (in soy milk!) and for peanut butter, this snack has no dairy, even though it’s delicious!

Jell-O Pudding Mix- For anyone who likes to bake, Your kitchen cabinets at home might be stocked to the brim in Jell-O, so grab a mix and make “Cup-O-Dirt” with your oreos!

Ritz Crackers-Don’t be fooled by the butter flavoring, there is actually no dairy in this product. Eat it literally with anything, and after 20 minutes, you will finish the entire box. And it’s okay, because it’s only crackers, right?

Dark Chocolate- You have to be careful with this one, some dark chocolates DO use milk… but many do not! So keep an eye out, because sometimes a girl just needs some chocolate!

Happy snack hunting! xx


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